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Colorado Autumn

Watching The Storm

Words cannot express what I feel when I look at this photo...

Summer Rain



"I was so pleased with our photo shoot; I do not feel I can accurately put it into words!

My youngest son (Haydin) was the winner of the April '09 photo contest and he was scheduled to be the only one in the shoot. We went to the park as a family and CorrieAnn quickly saw the bond between our youngest and oldest (a 7 1/2 year age difference). She went above and beyond her "prize" to us and captured the most AMAZING photos of the boys individually as well as together.

We have used the same studio for the past 9 years and while they offer great indoor shoots, this was a unique opportunity that has provided our family with photos that captured the bond between our boys in a natural, unposed environment. The only complaint I have is that now I have the daunting task of choosing which photos to enlarge and hang on my walls. Every shot I have been shown is perfect - CorrieAnn captured my boys as I see them after only knowing them for a few moments. THANK YOU!!!!" -- April